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How to win at Conference Calls

February 22, 2018

No roll call! Start with “Who’s on the call”, that way everyone can start talking over each other. You could also let everyone annouce themselves once they beep in even if they are five minutes late and someone is already talking. Arrive Early Condecend as people join with phrases like, “Nice for you to join… Read More ›

How to use a public restroom

Whenever I’m on the road and see a travel center, they seem to tout the cleanliness of their restrooms. You will see a glowing red sign which reads “Clean Restrooms”.  As it turns out, it’s actually a notification that the restrooms are in need of care. It seems like everyone is following the same rules… Read More ›

How to use the CC field in your emails.

Do you get offended when you are last on the carbon copy (CC) list in an email? Should you be? I think so! Last on the List It’s like the person considers you an after thought.  Especially if it’s really good news. For instance if there are free leftovers in the break room and you… Read More ›