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Pedestrians Have the Right of Way

February 18, 2018

It really should be the right to get out of the way. You have a designated space to cross for store entry and exit, use it wisely. DON’T! Traverse diagonally Use your stroller as a roadblock to stop cars. Walk out in front of a car or assume no one is coming Leave your toddler… Read More ›

Driving Behind Shopping Centers

I’m not 100% sure if it’s legal, but I almost always drive behind shopping centers if I need to get to the store at the other end. We have a rather large shopping center with three anchor stores and if you start on one end and attempt to traverse to the other, you can easily… Read More ›

Drinking, Driving, and Voting

Currently, we allow driving at 16, voting at 18 and drinking at 21. I propose to move these ages to 18 for driving, keep drinking at 21 and move the voting age to 25 and here’s why. No one in their right mind should let a 16 year old drive a car. Cars today are… Read More ›

How to behave at a Traffic Light

    There is a white line indicating where you should stop at a red light. That is not for you, but for the car behind you. Get your whole car into the intersection! If you’re the first car, now is a good time to check your smartphone and catch up on text messaging. This… Read More ›

Why do motorcycle people wave?

I would like to buy a motorcycle one day. One thing that is stopping me is that I don’t want to wave at everyone else riding a motorcycle. I’m just not that friendly. The other thing stopping me is fear of scraping my face on the pavement. Even if I’m wearing a helmet it would… Read More ›

Benefits of Not Texting and Driving

Most everyone is texting and driving these days but that doesn’t make it the right thing to do. There are some benefits of not texting and driving. You can see how many times you almost died You will have greater awareness and response time for all those other texters who are swerving over the yellow… Read More ›

How to use your turn signal

Turn signals on motorized vehicles are no longer needed because they have lost their effectiveness. Turning to Side street If you see someone coming while exiting a subdivision, don’t trust their turn signal. You never know when someone forgot to turn it off or accidentally hit it. They can’t hear the audible clicking of the… Read More ›

Moped Madness

Maybe it’s part of the coastal state DMV’s big plan to remove cars from the road. Why would I want to buy a car when I can purchase a moped, not need a license and never pay a cent of tax? Today was especially joyous with this champion in front of me. I made the… Read More ›

I hope my kids never have to drive.

make action GIFs like this at MakeaGif In all my years driving an automobile, I’ve seen the gradual decline of humanities driving skills. Texting and driving has brought out the worst in drivers. My children will ask from the backseat, “What is wrong with the driver in front of us?”.  My parents used to say,… Read More ›