How to say No!

Photograph_of_Mrs._Reagan_speaking_at_a_'Just_Say_No'_Rally_in_Los_Angeles_-_NARA_-_198584There is something wrong with “my” Generation X. They don’t know how to say no. They really don’t know how to say yes either. Not sure what happened, but there is this overwhelming sense of not disappointing someone. I have no trouble saying no, in fact, it’s an automatic response for me. Mostly because I don’t want to do anything.

However, I’d rather someone just tell me no rather than say: “Let me get back to you”, or “Let me think about it.” I tend to treat that as a no and do not ask again. Whatever it is. My generation also suffers from “Let me see if something better comes along before I commit to anything.” It probably comes from the whole “Just Say No” campaign back in the 1980’s because that didn’t work either.

Do you still hold hands?

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I’ve never understood why people hold hands. I see many couples holding hands in public places. To me, it’s a signal that the person is saying, “Hey look at me, I’ve got another human as my companion, aren’t you jealous?” I also think these people are insecure and they need to hold that person’s hand because they are low in self-confidence or just prideful and showing off. However,¬† my children hold my hand when we are walking across the interstate. So there’s that.

How to argue on social media.

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Do you know someone who is always on the opposite side of your opinion? I’m not talking about your spouse, it’s supposed to be that way. But someone who always starts out their response with “Well, actually…”

Star Wars vs Star Trek, DC vs Marvel, Republican vs Democrat vs some weird 3rd party, Christian vs Pagan (Don’t even get me started on the Religious subcultures, that’s an issue that loses more friendships than any)

Some people just like to hear your opinion first so they can play “devil’s advocate” and just to get on your nerves. It’s tough to be friends with people like this. How do you deal with it? Well, you can always ask a bunch of follow up questions if they are the type of person that makes statements. The best way is just to keep quiet and not share your opinions. Someone can’t shoot you down if you don’t give them any ammo. Read twitter posts, Facebook status and just grin and move on. But you can’t can you? So if you must be right all the time, unleash your best with no mercy and enjoy no friendships.


How does the average person fix climate change?

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What are we supposed to do now that the majority of the developed world now has access to clean water and clean air because of fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are cheap, plentiful and because of technology, we’ve made them clean than ever. Still, people are freaking out about climate change aka “Global Warming”. Here’s what to do.

Stop using your AC/Heat

Want to stop using fossil fuels? Then don’t heat or cool your house. Each year the planet gets hotter because people are using air conditioning or heating their house because they get cold.

Stop showering

Your sweat will be your shower from not using your HVAC system. Since we have greater access to clean and drinkable water because of fossil fuels, we should now use less.

Stop flushing your toilet

Let it flush automatically buy the natural volume of your excrement. Again forget clean water, treat your house like a porta potty.

Don’t buy groceries

No groceries equals no trash and no landfills, grow all your own food, but only vegetables.

Ride your bike everywhere

Including your trek across America with your family of four. Remember having more than two children effects climate change.

It seems to me that Hollywood wants to turn all of their viewers into a third world country because of climate change. Remember, movies became popular because they were the first to get air conditioning. Maybe if we stop cooling our theaters then our celebrity elite will wake up.

Least favorite phrases 

  1. In a song – “come what may” I used to think this says “come with me”, but in our nouns as verbs society, a better phrase would be. “because of happen”
  2. In a movie – “we’re not in Kansas anymore” unless it’s the Wizard of Oz. This usually happens when some doesn’t recognize their surroundings or in up in strange place.
  3. At work – “can I ask you a quick question” the question is always quick, but it’s the answer that takes forever. The “quick” question is usually a sign someone is about to dump some work on you and take the credit.

Stare at the wall…

Instead of looking at your smartphone while waiting for a table at a restaurant, simply stare at the wall in front of you. People will eventually look there too. Well, not really, they are too busy interacting with other people via their smart device because people have forgotten how to talk to other humans.

Riding on the elevator? Turn to the rear and stare at the wall. When you exit, walk backwards.

While using the urinal, stare at the wall, seriously, this is no time for wandering eyeballs. In a doctors office? Stare at the wall, don’t answer any of their questions, you will probably get a free ride to a nice padded room. Then you can stare at the wall all you want. Dreams come true!

Text message reply time.


  • Your spouse: Immediate.
  • Your co-workers: 15-20 minute delay if you are dumb enough to give them your personal cell phone.
    • Don’t set expectations too high for your availability
  • Family members
    • Parents: within the hour, or next day, depending on the guilt trip that’s attached
    • Siblings: 1 day
    • Cousins: 2-3 days
  • People who want a favor: delete immediately and never respond.
  • When someone is in the same room: shout across the room your reply
  • While driving: Whenever a police officer is not looking.

What is your standard text message reply time?