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How to sleep pain free through the night

January 27, 2018

Sometimes I wake up and feel like someone has bitten my ear off. Turns out, I’ve only been sleeping on my ear. I don’t know how it happens, but somehow my ear folds upon itself and the cartilage bends to become painful enough to wake me. It’s one of the worst pains I’ve felt while… Read More ›

Do this and you will never be depressed.

I wish it were that simple. Every January I get super bummed out. We usually take a vacation before Christmas and it sets the dopamine production into high gear. Once boxing day hits it’s a full crash. You take down the holiday decorations and you get back to your normal worklife. I didn’t think that… Read More ›

Do you still weigh yourself?

Don’t ever weigh yourself on January 2nd. To quote Yoda, “Only pain you will find”. Weight is a terrible measurement of health. What I mean is, don’t let the scale dictate how you should feel about yourself.  You should go on how your clothes fit. If you want to get technical then go by body… Read More ›

New Year, New You?

Will you succeed at your New Years resolutions? Probably not, if you set your goals too high. I’ve started making small changes in everything I do. Small goals, small victories. Small goals take the stress out of reaching that goal. If you want to lose 100 pounds, try losing 10 first. If you want to… Read More ›