Travel Ball Tournament Essentials

What do you bring when you’re at an all-day softball or baseball tournament?

A player – It doesn’t make sense to attend a tournament if you don’t have a player, maybe if you are watching someone you know. But if you are there and don’t know anyone you might cause suspicion if you start walking onto the field and high-fiving players.

A cooler – Preferably something that holds ice for more than an hour

Something to keep a cooler cold – You can put ice or these cooler shock packs

Something to keep cold – Skip the soda and beer and bring lots of water and Gatorade. Bring fruits, nuts, and other low-sugar snacks to keep you fueled.

Cooling towels – It’s better than nothing

Sunscreen – Don’t forget to apply every few hours or you will have tan lines on your face.

A Chair – Preferably one with shade if you don’t have any friends who brought a canopy.

First aid kit – Things will happen and bleed or get swollen.

Wagon – It’s better than carrying everything

Throw some Shade – Instead of looking like a sun-dried tomato, grab yourself some brella and man-made shade

Disappointment – Don’t forget to bring your complaining face. If your child is not performing at a perfection level, let them know in front of all the other parents.